Hi! I feel like I should tell you that I have a BFA in dance and I’ve toured with Broadway shows and am married to my husband TJ. He helped me bring our three beautiful girls—Charlee, Willa, and Noa—into this world. 

That is probably what you see at first glance. But I feel compelled to tell you about some of the details that aren’t as apparent. Like how our three little girls have a brother, Luca, in heaven. How my first marriage broke my heart and knitting it back together took my breath away. 

I’m currently writing a book about grief and life and my friend asked me if it’s very hard to write about my son dying. I told her that, for whatever reason, the way my heart and mind and spirit are built makes it harder not to write about it. And perhaps this is why I have started creating cards. 

When someone is grieving, I’ve found that, for the most part, everyone cares, but not everyone knows how to show you they care. So here is another way to help us show each other we care. And we don’t have to wait for someone to grieve to do it, either. We could show them we care on holidays or random Thursdays. We could even make up whole days to celebrate a person. We could do this just because we like them with all our skin that covers all our bones that holds our heart that holds this person. We could do it because they bought us coffee last Saturday. And if we find ourselves a little lost for words during the great act of caring for another, a card can help us find them. Thanks for stopping by!

Greeting Cards